Student visa Australia holders allowed extra hour to ease worker shortage

international students

The Government has supported Australian businesses during the pandemic by allowing Student visa Australia holders to figure additional hours in critical sectors. Because of current workforce shortages the govt is temporarily removing the limit on working hours for Student visa Australia holders across all sectors. This can also apply to secondary Student visa holders. This modification takes effect immediately and can be reviewed in April 2022.

The Government is additionally temporarily removing the limitation for Working Holiday Maker student visa Australia holders to only work for six months with one employer. Effective immediately, until the end of 2022, there'll be no limit on the time Working Holiday Makers can work for the identical employer.

These measures are temporary and designed to produce immediate assistance to Australian businesses currently facing critical workforce shortages. This can enable them to continue delivering goods and services to the Australian community.

Foreign students in demand

Business groups in emergency talks with government ministers have pressed to extend the cap on the permitted working hours of foreign students.

The government has agreed to a proposal to extend the 40-hour a fortnight cap for foreign students while they're studying, with it likely to be doubled to 80 hours a fortnight or the equivalent of 40 hours every week.

Work for more than 40 hours a fortnight

Due to workforce shortages, there's a brief relaxation of student visa Australia work limits to almost all sectors of the economy. This takes effect immediately for all ongoing students moreover as new student arrivals who wish to commence employment before course commencement. This implies that international students can work before their course commences and work over 40 hours a fortnight in any sector of the economy. This also includes secondary applicants.

This is a short lived arrangement and can be reviewed by the govt. in April 2022. Check back regularly for updates.

In addition, if a student visa Australia holder travels to Australia between 19 January to 19 March 2022, they're going to be eligible for a refund of their visa application charge. Students are going to be able to apply for a refund up until 31 December 2022. Details of the way to apply for a refund are going to be available shortly.

Information for Students

You must continue to balance your study and work commitments even though there is flexibility in the number of hours you can work.

Students must still:

  • maintain their course enrolment
  • ensure satisfactory course attendance, and
  • ensure satisfactory course progress.

Student visa holders who cancel their enrolment and stop attending classes, or fail to meet satisfactory course progress, may be in breach of their visa conditions.

Information for employers

Employers must still follow Australian workplace law. Overseas workers, including international students, have the identical rights under Australian workplace law as all other employees.

While these measures are in place, the Department of Home Affairs and Australian Border Force will:

exercise their discretion under s116(1)(b) of the Migration Act 1958. this is often to not cancel the visas of scholars who work over 40 hours each fortnight to support your organisation not refer student visa Australia holders for investigation of any potential offence under s235 of the Migration Act 1958. This might relate to the hours worked by a student visa Australia holder in breach of their visa conditions

Not refer you or relevant third-party labour hire companies, as an employer, for investigation of any potential offence under s245AC of the Migration Act 1958. This might relate to allowing a student visa Australia holder to figure in breach of their visa conditions.



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