Important things to know about Visitor Visa Australia

Visitor Visa Australia

Australia is a favourite spot for tourists arriving in large numbers every year. Also recognised as an important business destination, it has enjoyed a prominent destination in world economies. As a traveller, you will not miss the opportunity to visit some of the many places.

Visa Requirements

As per details provided, the Department scrutinises entire visa application form. Certain formalities which are part of Visitor Visa Australia requirements include –

  • As a genuine applicant, you have to explain the authorities purpose of your visit–either it is meant for tourist purposes or meeting relatives or business interests
  • Whether you support your family financially
  • Produce proofs of your health and character requirements
  • You will be asked by the authority to provide your biometrics as well

Nonetheless, the Tourist Visa Australia allows the visa applicant to travel extensively for sightseeing, visiting family or holidaying, friends or meeting clients. The visa allows you to stay in the country at least for a year. In case you are a business traveller who is on a short trip, and with few meetings conducted within a few months, you will be eligible to apply for Electronic Travel Authority visa – subclass 601. In other cases, e-Visitor visa – subclass 651 allows visa applicants to work, study and stay in Australia for three months.

Processing time

It is a visitor visa Australia you are interested in. Ensure relevant details submitted by you do not lack substance. Your visitor visa Australia process will be delayed if the authority finds the information provided by you does not fulfil the visa criteria. If everything is in place, you can expect the visa to be delivered following general processing time of 20-33 days.



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