Useful safety tips for female international student in Australia

Australia International Students

While, Australia is a safe country, there are some common sense and other best practices you still need to follow. This section is about tips to keep you safe in Australia as a female international student.

one in seven women experiences serious physical or sexual assault during their time as a student. It could happen with someone you know, or with a complete stranger. Despite that, it should not stop you from living your life as an international student. The best thing you can do is protect yourself

Stay away from unruly characters

Dress appropriately and avoid attention. Different cultures have different views on dressing sensibilities, and the last thing you’d want is to dress outlandishly and stand out in an unfamiliar place. Just like dressing down, avoid attention to yourself by your actions or your possessions like costly electronics, jewellery etc.

Stay alert when driving

Whether you’re walking or driving, travelling at night calls for heightened awareness. In moments where you’ll be alone, and that’s when the additional safety tips kick in. Carrying a bag? Don’t leave it on the passenger seat. Parking? Choose a crowded, well-lit spot. Avoid pulling up on dark, deserted roads to help strangers, or placing yourself in similar situations.

Be aware

You should awareness of your belongings and surroundings. When a person approaches you always stay on the alert and try to gauge what their motives are. No need to be on spy mode all the time but a little situation awareness can be really helpful while traveling.

Travel in groups

As a person in a foreign land, it’d be good for you to travel with fellow travelers wherever possible and also let someone trustable know where you are at any given point of your travels. Not only is it more safe to stay in groups but lifelong friendships can be made this way.

Dealing with strangers

Strangers can be genuinely curious about you and may just want to get to know you, but things may not be so innocent always. If a stranger offers you something, ask at the outset if it’s free or if they are expecting payment for it. Also, while traveling you may be offered food by someone you are talking to, be polite and refuse if you are not sure about them. Don’t feel guilty in asking these questions and saying no.



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